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Sand Casting

All ferrous and non ferrous alloys can be cast using the sand cast method, including gray iron, ductile iron, aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Due to low cost mold patterns, Sand Casting is usually the least expensive of all the casting production processes.


The sand casting process maintains typical dimensional accuracy of ± 0.03 in., with a surface finish of 300 - 600 μin.


Our State-of-the-art automated foundries producing high quality parts with Medium to High production capacity in casting sizes less than 1 pound to 500 pounds for;


• Gray Iron Castings

• Ductile Iron Castings

• Cast Iron Castings

• Aluminum Castings

• Steel & Stainless Steel Castings


SMI supplies OEM market as a full Service Caster that provides comprehensive Value Added Services including engineering, tooling, machining, fabrication, finishing & assembly in addition to  our extensive casting turnkey capabilities..




We offer a wide range of engineering capabilities that enable us to produce the most complex parts, complete to print. In addition, our ability to design and produce all of our own tooling, fixtures, and assembly equipment in-house, allows us flexibility in delivering quality products, on time




At SMI every project, part and process is managed through our end-to-end quality assurance process to ensure that the best quality product is produced. Our proven quality system improves reliability and increases production output with fewer defects and outstanding client satisfaction.


Stocking and Shipping


We minimize the costs of inventory stocking and shipping with an inventory management strategy designed specifically for your business. We manage production planning and provide just-in-time delivery to reduce excess product and warehousing.