About Us

Sensible Metals, Inc. (SMI) was established in 2001 in Chicago, Illinois as an extension of our manufacturing plants  located in Bursa and Istanbul in Turkey  in order to better serve our customers in the North American market.

We provide Full Service as a single-source contract manufacturer of precision investment castings and sand castings as a complete parts manufacturer for many different industries.

At Sensible Metals, we have excelled in the challenges of today’s rapidly changing manufacturing marketplace by continuous improvements in processes, capabilities, quality control, engineering, and productivity.

Using our extensive engineering and process development experience, we identify and utilize the best materials and production methods to produce the quality components you need.

We can meet your most demanding applications from short runs to high volume production which require immediate delivery of JIT components with using methods such as KANBAN systems or blanket order systems in which we would warehouse products in our Rosemont, IL facility.